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Balance Art Acupuncture

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Pain Management

Dr. Guo gets amazing results with acupuncture. I had sciatica pain for years from working on a computer. After one acupuncture and moxa treatments made a significant difference for me. He also helped me find some relief for other specific physical ailments as well as combating stress in the past months. My wife also goes to Dr. Guo each week for treatments of menopause and insomnia and has been very successful with herbs and acupuncture. Dr. Guo is caring, knowledgeable and wonderful. I highly recommend this place Balance Art Acupuncture to anyone who is looking to find alternative and nature solutions to their pain or general well being!

Women's Health

I love coming to see Dr. Run-Guo for treatments each week. I am experiencing many improvements in my health. Less to no migraines. Much improved energy levels throughout the day. The chinese herbs are a most! I did acupuncture in the past without them and I am seeing much better results this time by including the chinese herbs. The treatment is soothing and calming to my anxious mind. And I am experiencing hormone rebalancing as we focus on fertility support acupuncture. Before I was having chills in the day and hot at night. Now I am feeling a comfortable body temperature much of the time and no cold feet all the time! Not to mention that Dr. Run-Guo does a thorough initial consultation to assess your health condition, identify areas for improvement, and provide the best treatment plan for your condition. He is friendly and caring and genuine in his desire to help improve your health.

Skin Issue

Few weeks ago, my body got very itchy after I ate seafood, and I thought it was eczema or something then I went to see Dr.Guo. He told me I was allergic to seafood then gave me the acupuncture treatment and some medicine for a week. Three days later, my legs stopped itchy and are getting better.


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