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The Power of Gratitude

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us. Gratitude is such a powerful healer and the gateway into love. Ultimately Love is the most powerful healing agent in any situation and gratitude is the first step to embodying it.

Gratitude and Love help to balance and heal the fire element within us, as do connection and social engagement. Making this season the perfect time for some heart healing - and let's take a look at how we can maximise this holiday to balance all of our elements.

Fire: Associated organs, Heart, Small Intestine. Gratitude lists, connection and time spent with family and friends.

Earth: Associated organs, Stomach, Spleen. Eat mindfully, eat according to the season with lots of orange autumnal seasonal, nourishing foods. Eating in good company at leisure, exactly the way our digestion works best will help to keep your Earth element in balance throughout the thanksgiving festivities.

The Earth element really is the epicentre of our entire system. A balanced Earth gives you a clear mind. A clear mind will give you the ability to manifest what you want in your life - but meditating BEFORE breakfast or the movement in your digestive system will create more movement in your mind. And don’t forget - sweet is the flavour of this element - but try not to overindulge!

Water: Associated organs, Kidneys, Bladder. Did you know that your Kidneys store your life essence and your bladder channel represents your nervous system? Most of us are running around in a perceived deficit of time all day every day, this keeps our nervous system on high alert or as we say in Chinese Medicine, keeps us in Yang mode all day long. When do you take a break? I mean a real break, a Yin nourishing break. We are designed to take Yin nourishing time during the day, everyday, and very few of us are actually doing it. Your whole being deserves to be given some well earned rest, capitalize on it this holiday and take some time out for doing absolutely nothing.

Metal: Associated organs, Lung, Large Intestine. Get out into that magical crisp autumn air for an after dinner walk - this will not only get your digestion moving but you can also fill your lungs with air and inspiration. Whether you go alone and reconnect to your precious self, or together with loved ones, this one ticks a lot of boxes. There are also sponsored 5k walks like the ‘Turkey Trot for Hunger’ that you can take part in, you can walk you don’t need to run - or you could run and earn that thanksgiving dinner!

Wood: Associated organs, Liver, Gallbladder. I couldn’t leave a holiday article finished without mentioning how to bounce back from little (or not so little) indulgences! Your Liver may be the only one not getting a break this holiday so make sure to show it some love by eating/drinking plenty of greens. Add some lemon to your water and allow yourself some space and time to process any emotions that are brought to the surface during this time which can be highly charged for many. Wood also controls the Earth Element so keeping your Liver happy will help to digest all of that extra rich food!

So, if you’re looking for a little more balance this time of year, give us a call. You’ll be thankful you did!

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